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Stiga - DNA Platinum rubber series

Stiga - DNA Platinum rubber series

The DNA Platinum table tennis rubbers are an extension of the well-known and popular Stiga DNA rubbers. They were developed together with the Chinese national team and are made in Germany. The Platinum series of rubbers was specially developed for plastic balls that take on a little less spin. Thanks to the unique combination of natural and synthetic rubber, the DNA Platinum rubbers have a significantly longer shelf life.

The advantages of the DNA Platinum rubbers are convincing:

  • State-of-the-art offensive rubbers with maximum grip and spin, which you can play optimally with even in difficult situations 
  • thinner topsheet leaves space for a thicker sponge and thus increases speed and power
  • a shorter pimples structure ensures a better and more direct contact between the sponge and the blade
  • Power Sponge Cells for an increased catapult effect and optimal power transmission
  • unique rubber compound with high durability and a phenomenal sound
  • Manufactured in Germany, development in cooperation with the Chinese national team

Stiga is offering different rubbers our of this series for different playing characteristics:

  • DNA Platinum S with a 42.5° hard sponge. For high control in your offensive game
  • DNA Platinum M with a 47.5° hard sponge. For the the perfect balance of speed, spin anc control
  • DNA Platinum H with a 50.0° hard sponge. For technically skilled offensive topspin players
  • DNA Platnum XH with a 52.5° hard sponge. For players who rely on a uncompromising offensive game close to the table

The rubbers will be available in the end of the week.