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Epos is the first inverted table tennis rubber developed by PiMPLEPARK. What was the idea for this rubber?

Current status in the developement of table tennis rubbers:

  • almost all brands are focused on really fast offensive rubbers 
  • main focus for most of the brands is the asian market
  • many rubbers are only available in 2.0mm or maximum
  • allround table tennis players are not the target group of the famous brands

PiMPLEPARK is developing products that can be perfactly used with the plastic table tennis ball. The idea behind Epos:

  • creating a faster allround rubber with more speed and spin than classical rubbers as Sriver, Mark V or Tackiness Drive
  • sponge thicknesses that can be used from allround players: 1.0mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm and 1.9mm
  • fair price performance ratio

Epos is available now.