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HC Speed Light

Tischtennisholz Sanwei HC Speed Light

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Sanwei HC Speed Light
UVP: €49.90
spinfactory-Price: €42.90
  • developed in Germany for modern european offensive playing style
  • created and produced expecially for plastic balls
  • a well-balanced construction out of the best raw materials available!
  • made for spinny, dynamic offnesive strokes
  • perfect feeling with medium and fast rubbers from Japan or Germany (e.g. Butterfly Tenergy-, Evolution- or Xiom Omega V Series)

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UVP: €49.90
spinfactory-Price: €42.90



The chinese company Sanwei from Beijing is for more than 30 years very experienced in the design, the construction and the production of high-quality table tennis blades. In 2010 we received by accident a blade produced by Sanwei and even though we have never heard of that company before we really loved the quality and the playing characteristics of this blade from the beginning.
So we put energy into getting into contact with Sanwei and ordered some more blades (at this time Sanwei products were produced mainly exclusively for the chinese market). We found out that all of the blades produced by Sanwei have a great quality. Because of this we decided to expand our range of Sanwei blades more and more with blades which also suits European players.

In 2015 we visited the headquarters of Sanwei in Beijing for the first time. We were invited to have a close look into the production and we discussed a lot with the owners and developers of Sanwei, especially about the differences of European and Chinese players and the consequences of this for table tennis blades. We were flashed of the great experience of Mr. SU senior (the founder of Sanwei) and discussed with him many new ideas about how to further optimize blades. We were also invited to see and test many new prototypes, some of them were completely different to every table tennis blade we have seen so far (e.g. we have been introduced to the Pistol Grip Rakets, which was not introduced into the market at this time). We were very surprised that even the strangest prototypes were very well-thought and offered not only a completely new idea for table tennis (techniques), but offered also great playing characteristics.

The developers of Sanwei obviously were not only very good in producing table tennis blades, but also very good in inventing new products with completely new ideas. For us this seemed to be like a perfect base for a closer cooperation.


At the very beginning of our cooperation we recognized, that even though the quality of all Sanwei-blades was great not all of them suit into the European market. Chinese players (at that time all of the endusers of Sanwei-blades) prefer usually hard, fast and heavy blades while European players (rather our customers) often prefer a soft touch, a great feeling and less weight (but still with a good speed). Additionally in 2014 the production of the new plastic balls started and it was obvious, that in future plastic balls will succeed the traditional celluloid balls. Plastic balls have different playing characteristics, they especially adapt less spin than traditional balls. Because of this Sanwei and we decided to produce blades together which not only suit perfectly the needs of European players, but also the special demands of the new plastic balls. We decided to cooperate in developing a new offensive blade that is perfect for European players with short arm movements and also with the new plastic ball.
In detail we wanted the new blade to be medium-fast and very spinny, but also very sensitive and much lighter than regular chinese blades. Last but not least we wanted the blade with perfect quality. Fotunately the last was the easiest part, because perfect quality in producing blades is a natural thing Sanwei stands for since the beginning.


Modern european offensive players usually have a different technique than chinese players: Usually Europeans have shorter, faster arm movements. Because of this weight seemed for us to be a really important issue. So we wanted the new blade to be fast with a very good acceleration, but also with a max. weight of 85g. To combine the characteristics fast and light we decided that using carbon is probably the best thing to do. Unfortunately Carbon usually makes blades hard. But because players can produce less spin with the new plastic balls we really didn't want the blade to be hard, but quite soft instead. To do so we choose not only a special carbon fibre, but also selected cypress veneers as outer-ply, because this extends the dwell time of the raket, which extends the spin capability of the blade. In combination with the core made out of Kiri veneers this construction offers a good speed while still having a very nice feeling and offering great spin options – with not more weight than 85g.


For producing a perfect product it is crucial to use the best raw materials available. Because of this the cypress was selected very carefully. The orientation of the core layer and the outer layers is vertical, the layers are pressed together in a special process, which keeps the feeling of the single layers in a best possible way. Not only the playing characteristics, but also the handling of the blade was optimized for the technique of European players: the dimensions of the handle are a bit bigger than many other Asian blades, so the handle suits perfectly into European hands.


Sanwei's HC Speed Light is an extraordinary offensive blade for loopers. Because of the special construction and the selection of the best woods the blade offers extra spin, which is great if you want to play very spinny balls even with the new plastic balls. While the blade is quite fast it still offers a great feeling. It fits perfectly to European looping techniques, so you can play both fast and spinny with short arm movements. While testing we found out that this blade performs best with medium, spinny rubbers made in Japan or Germany (e.g. rubbers from the Tibhar Evolution- and the Xiom Omega V – Series). This blade is a perfect looping blade and you will experience great performance no matter if you are looping from close to the table or from a mid-distance.


Weight:  ca. 85g
Construction: Five wood and two ALC-layers, Outer layer is made out of fine Cypress
Blade dimensions
Thickness: ca. 6.9mm
Width: 15.0cm
Length: 15.7cm
Length: 10.2cm
Thickness: 25mm
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Sanwei
Delivery time immediately
Plies 5W+2C
Speed Off
Weight 85g
blade thickness 6.9
product video

Product Video

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